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CLE Materials and Other Documents
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Disability Discrimination (October 21, 2020)

An Overview of Disability Discrimination in the Time of COVID-19

Voting Rights: A Conversation with Activists and Academics (October 7, 2020)

Report to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights: Barriers to Voting in Alabama (February 2020)

Solo and Small Firm Section CLE (September 30, 2020)

Employment and Benefit Law for Solos and Small Firms

Workers Compensation Section CLE on Racial Bias (September 25, 2020)

Research Article by Larry King

Criminal Justice Reform CLE (September 24, 2020)

BBA Members Discuss Criminal Justice Reform

Alabama Arise Blog

Family Law Court - Women Lawyers Section CLE (September 18, 2020)

Referee Ruffin's PowerPoint Slides

Alabama HB157

AL Criminal Law Statutes

AL Criminal Procedure Rules

AL Juvenile Proceedings Statutes

Education Law Overview

Special Education Statute

Article on Georgia's Special Education Program

Electricity - The Changing Grid (September 17, 2020)

Presentation Slides

In-Person Voir Dire Demonstration (September 11, 2020)

Voir Dire PowerPoint Presentation

The Ins and Outs of Jury Selection

Flowers v. Mississippi

Criminal Justice Section CLE (September 10, 2020)

CLE Notes on Anger Management

CLE PowerPoint Presentation

19th Amendment Centennial - Women and Sports: Working toward Parity (August 31, 2020)

Title IX

Under-representation of Women in Sport Leadership

An Investigation of Head Coaches' Gender

Female Student Leaders

Gender Equity and Female Participation in Sports

Understanding the Experience of Women Coaches

Bankruptcy & Commercial Law Section Annual CLE (August 28, 2020)

Ethics Update - Jeremy McIntire

Alabama Uniform Avoidable Transactions Act - Cathy Moore

Article 9 in Bankruptcy Cases - Jonathan Raulston

DUI, Traffic Court and Expungement (August 28, 2020)

Presentation Slides


19th Amendment Centennial - Women and Voting: The Struggle for the Right to Vote (August 26, 2020)

ABA Resources on the 19th Amendment

State of Alabama Archives Resources on the 19th Amendment

Alabama State Bar Resource on the 19th Amendment

Pandemic's Impact on Women's Careers - CNBC Article

Pandemic's Impact on Women's Careers - Fortune Article

Pandemic's Impact on Women's Careers - WSJ Article

Solo/Small Firm "Ought Not" CLE (August 26, 2020)

State Bar Ethics Presentation

19th Amendment Centennial - Women and Money: Financial Independence (August 25, 2020)

Warren Averett Asset Management Summer Newsletter

Financial Planning - Warren Averett Asset Management

Retirement Planning - Tanya Shunnara

Resources from the Florida Bar Association for Developing a Small or Solo Firm Business Plan

Bankruptcy and M&A in a Health and Financial Crisis (August 20, 2020)

CLE Materials/Presentation Slides

Guardianships (August 19, 2020)

CLE Materials

Employment in a COVID-19 Environment (August 5, 2020) - presented by the BBA Business Law Section

Returning to Work in a Pandemic: What Employers Need to Know

COVID-19 Related Changes to Federal and State Unemployment Benefits

New DOL and FFCRA Regulations Arising from COVID-19

Outline for Returning to the Office Discussion

Cybersecurity While Working Remotely

Ensuring a Business Plan Includes a Cybersecurity Plan

Client Myths and Misconceptions in Family Law (July 28, 2020) - presented by the BBA Family Law Committee

Presentation Slides and Case Citations

Zooming in on COVID-19's Impact on Businesses: A Legal Perspective (July 16, 2020) - presented by the BBA Business Law Section

COVID-19 Implications for Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate Must Do More than Merely Adapt to Coronavirus

Voting Rights CLE Jointly Presented with the YWCA of Central Alabama (July 15, 2020)

Voter Engagement Presentation

Get out the Vote Guide

Legal Ethics and Avoiding Technology Scams (June 19, 2020)

Ethics and Technology CLE Presentation

Ethics and Technology Paper

How Will the Sports Industry be Changed by COVID-19? Jointly presented by MCBA and BBA (June 17, 2020)

Athletes in Isolation due to COVID-19

Rethinking the Management and Operation of College Sports due to COVID-19

Elite Athletes and COVID-19

NCAA Changes to the College Football Season

The Latest Updates in College Sports (as of 6.15.20)

No Football would Alter College Sports

Young Lawyers Section CLE: Law in the Time of COVID (May 28, 2020)

Zoom Mediations

COVID Financial Fraud Schemes

Coronavirus Brochure

Massive Fraud Information

Data Implications for In-House Attorneys (May 19, 2020)

Work-from-Home Tips for Corporations

Data Breaches and the Role of In-House Counsel

Cybersecurity and In-House Attorneys

Attorney Wellness as We Emerge from COVID-19 (May 19, 2020) - presented by the BBA Wellness Committee

Embracing Wellness during a Pandemic - Susan Han

Physical Health and Well-Being - Lynn Hogewood

Running a Virtual Law Firm during a Pandemic - Bernard Nomberg

Financial Health of Law Firms during a Pandemic - Donny Donald

Alabama Lawyer Assistance Program

ABA Well-Being Toolkit

ASB Wellness Website

Mitigation Banking, Jointly Presented by the BBA and the Freshwater Land Trust (May 18, 2020)

Legal Resources

Zoom Tips for Better Video Meetings and Court Hearings (May 14, 2020)

Judge Wallace Presentation

Chris Daniel Presentation

Moving Workers' Compensation Cases Forward with COVID-19: A Primer (May 11, 2020)

Legal Resources

Live Online CLE: While Working Remotely: Legal Ethics and Avoiding Technology Scams (May 1, 2020)

Legal Paper and Resources

Benefits of Conservation Easements (April 29, 2020)

Conserving Land in Perpetuity

Law Day 2020! Celebrating the 19th Amendment (April 28, 2020)

The 1918 Pandemic and Women's Suffrage

Women's Suffrage History

Women's Suffrage and Advocacy

ABA Law Day Resources

WCS Business Meeting and CLE: Settling Third Party Claims with Workers Compensation Liens (April 23, 2020)

Meeting Agenda

Alabama Code Section 25-5-11

River Gas Corporation Case

Fitch v. INA Case

The Interplay between Workers' Compensation and Third-Party Claims

Live Online CLE: Artificial Intelligence - A Primer for Non-AI Attorneys (April 22, 2020)

PowerPoint Slides

Live Online CLE: What you Need to Know to Conduct and Participate in an Online Mediation (April 20, 2020)

PowerPoint Slides

Mediating with Zoom

South Carolina Bar: Zoom Mediations

Harvard Law School: Online Mediations

Corporate Counsel Business Journal: Virtual Mediations and Arbitrations

2020 Membership Forum (March 6, 2020)

General Session - What's Going on in Birmingham

City of Birmingham

Birmingham Bound




Birmingham Business Alliance

General Session - What's Going on with You (Lawyer Wellness - Ethics Credit)

The Duty of Attorney Wellness

ABA Wellness Toolkit

Being More Physically Active

Breakout Session - Civics Savvy in 2020

Centennial of Women's Suffrage

Breakout Session - Cybersecurity and Privacy

Legal Updates - Shirley Paper

Breakout Session - Workers in the Gig Economy

Legal Updates - Barlotta Slides

DOL Guidance - 2019

Breakout Session - Attorney Career Transitions

The Art of Client Succession Planning


Leaving Your Firm

Breakout Session - Communications with Judges

Judicial Ethics Cannon 3

ARPC 3.5

Judges and Social Media

Breakout Session - Criminal Justice Reform and Re-Entry Programs

Prison Reform

Letter from Governor Ivey's Criminal Justice Reform Study Group

Report from Governor Ivey's Criminal Justice Reform Study Group

2019 Annual Membership Meeting Materials (December 13, 2019)

2019 Annual Membership Meeting Agenda

2018 Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

FY2019 Income Statement

FY2018 Audited Financial Statement

Members who Passed in 2019 and 50-Year Members

Serving as Appointed Counsel (November 1, 2019)


Helpful Criminal Court Information

Basics of Being Appointed Counsel

Overview of the DA's Office

Overview of Circuit Court Practice

Domestic Violence Court

Drug Court

DUI and Traffic Court

Veteran's Court

Overview of District Court Practice

Overview of Birmingham Municipal Court

Ethical Issues for Criminal Defense Lawyers and Mental Health Court

Overview of Sentencing and Probation Revocations

Special Considerations in Representing Non-Citizen Clients - 1

Special Considerations in Representing Non-Citizen Clients - 2

Post-Trial Procedures and Appeals

Diversity and In-House CLE (October 29, 2019)

Increasing Law Firm Diversity

Uber General Counsel Discussing Diversity

Diversity's Next Steps

Immigration CLE (October 28, 2019)

Ethics Update

Alabama Update

POWER Up for Pro Bono (August 22, 2019 Federal Court CLE)

Presentation Materials

U.S. District Court's Pro Bono Plan

Federal Court Volunteer Application

Client Application

Client Financial Verification Form

Law Review Article on Pro Bono Service

Solo and Small Firm Section Ethics CLE (August 14, 2019)

Alabama State Bar Ethics Update

Probate Practice CLE Hosted by the ASB Solo/Small Firm Section and the BBA Probate Section (April 19, 2019)

A Primer on Alabama Eminent Domain

Administration of Estates

Adoption Overview Presentation

Adoption Primer

Alabama Law Office Practice Deskbook Order Instructions

Eminent Domain and Condemnation

Guardians and Conservators Presentation

Guardianships Adult and Minor

Involuntary Commitments

Probating an Estate

Real Estate Records

2019 BBA Membership Forum

     Final Agenda

2019 Membership Forum CLE Materials

Ethics CLE
Alabama State Bar Ethics Opinions

Speaker's PowerPoint Presentation

Lawyer Wellness CLE
Professor Pam Pierson Article

Lawyer Well-Being Presentation

Emotional Resilience for Lawyers

Wellness Presentation - Statistics

General Counsel Roundtable CLE
Advice from General Counsels to Outside Counsel

Top Things In-House Attorneys Look for in Outside Counsel

Voir Dire CLE
Jury Development Outline - Lentine

The 4 Es of Voir Dire - Lentine

Voir Dire Essentials - Kirby

Privacy and Cybersecurity Law CLE
Hot Topics in Cybersecurity Law - Drum and Glover

Bankruptcy CLE
Panelists' Discussion Materials

Law Firm Models CLE

Professor Pam Pierson Article

Representing Start-ups and Tech Companies

Intellectual Property Law for Start-Ups

Legal Issues for Start-Ups

Digital Presentation of Evidence

Panel Discussion Handouts

Panel Discussion Examples

Admission of Evidence on Mobile Devices

Admitting and Authenticating Electronic Evidence

Grimm Brady Article

Authenticating Digital Evidence

2018 Annual Meeting Materials

Agenda for the 2018 Annual Meeting

Minutes from the 2018 Annual Meeting

Members who Passed in 2018 and 50-Year Members

Minutes from the 2017 Annual Membership Meeting
2017 Audited Financial Statement

Serving as Appointed Counsel (November 2, 2018)

2018 Agenda - Serving as Appointed Counsel CLE

2018 Effective Appellate Practice - From Trial to the Appellate Courts

Basics of Being Appointed Counsel

Being an Ethical Advocate

Criminal Court Contacts

Criminal Law Practice in the Circuit Courts

Criminal Law Practice in the District Courts

District Attorney's Office

Domestic Violence Court Protocols

Drug Court Handouts

DUI Traffic Court Handouts

Municipal Court Handouts

Representing Non-English Speaking Criminal Defendants

Sentencing and Probation

Special Considerations in Representing Non-Citizens in Criminal Court

Law Day 2018: Separation of Powers (May 3, 2018)

U.S. Constitution and Separation of Powers

The Three Branches

The Administrative State

Judicial Authority

Political Parties

The Role of the Chief Justice

Law Day Reflections


A Dialogue about Murder on Shades Mountain with Author Dr. Melanie S. Morrison (April 25, 2018)

What Compelled Me to Write Murder on Shades Mountain

The Legacy of Lynching, On Death Row, Jeffrey Toobin, The New Yorker, August 22, 2016


2018 Bench and Bar Retreat (March 2-3, 2018)

Friday Breakout Sessions:

Handling the Media in High Profile Criminal Cases - Danny Carr, Richard Jaffee, Mike Whisonant, and Moderator Judge Michael Streety

Presentation Outline

Media Coverage Plan

Schrushy Order 1

Schrushy Order 2

Schrushy Order 3

Lessons Learned in Transitioning from Private Practice to the Bench - Judge Reginald Jeter, Judge Herman "Rusty" Johnson, Judge Tamara Harris Johnson, and Moderator Barry Ragsdale

Managing Conflict in the Office, in the Conference Room, or in the Courtroom - John Bolus, Judge John Ott, Ashley Peinhardt, Judge Charles "Chuck" Price, and Moderator Diandra "Fu" Debrosse-Zimmermann

Presentation Outline

Business Development: Boomers Teaching Youngins' - Rodney Barganier, Judge Jim Hughey III, Setara Foster, Alan Rogers and Moderator Cedrick Coleman

Legal Marketing

Divorce and Dying: How to Rest Peacefully - Denise J. Pomeroy, Kristin W. Sullivan, Brad Green, Judge Agnes Chappell and Moderator Judge Sherri Friday

Presentation Outline (Bradley A. Green)

Presentation Outline (Kristin Waters Sullivan)

Lawyers with a Soul - Judge Staci Cornelius, Judge John England, Dr. Rachel Fry, Karen Schwartz McClure, Judge Patricia Stephens, and Moderator Leslie Wright 

Presentation Outline

Presentation Slides

12 Programs Law Firms Can Implement To Enhance Employee Wellness

Are You Experiencing Job Burnout?

Using Mindfulness to Find Work/Life Balance


Saturday Panel:

The Rule of Law - Senior U.S. District Judge Callie "Ginny" Granade, Jack Sharman, and Dean John Carroll

Searcy et al v. Strange Timeline

Searcy et al v. Strange Opinion

The Impeachment Investigation of Governor Robert Bentley Pre-Hearing Submission of Special Counsel

Complaint Against Chief Justice Roy S. Moore of the Supreme Court of Alabama

Final Judgement Against Roy Moore


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